Casual Couch Crucifixion - 4K NORMAL SPEED

With his arms tied behind his back, John slouches on his back on the couch with a rock – hard cock as Laura lies on her back and delivers some extremely hard toe kicks right up in his big saggy balls.

She does it so hard his scrotum swings up and over his cock and practically slaps him in the face . Not quite but it is like watching a game of tether ball at times. There are moments where one of his testicles is flying FIVE INCHES apart from the other after she rockets her toes into the center of his scrotum . John’s domme wife also gives him moments of comfort (very brief ones) as she pats and plays with his crucified ballsac with her socked foot and presses it into his crotch with the ball of her foot. Half of this v ideo will play from John’s point of view looking down Laura’s legs as her socked toes smash his testicles up and over his throbbing erection , and the other half of the video will play from Laura’s point of view where all you see is those huge swollen organs and the foot tormenting them. That’s all Laura sees. And that’s all she wants to see. Available in HD normal speed, 4K normal speed, HD slo mo, and 4K slo mo. The HD versions have the split screen and then also a single screen extreme close – up ver sion for the second half. The 4K only has split screen.