Giselle Parker’s Puppy Boy Training

Part 1 Giselle's English 101 Lesson
By Kristen McCale and Katelyn Price

In Giselle Parker’s Puppy Boy Training, Giselle recounts her recent sadomasochistic ballbusting adventures with her classmate, Matt, which took place the week before final exams and summer break.

In Part 1 (this part of the series), Giselle’s English 101 Lesson, the high-honors student gives her failing classmate an inverted ballbusting bondage tutoring session he won’t soon forget. And his balls will never forget. He was supposed to come over her home prepared to learn the coursework he was failing, but instead decided to perv on Giselle during her gymnastics workout on her inversion table. Giselle is very attracted to Matt physically but doesn’t like his behavior. Without his knowledge, she decides to break him down through unbearable pain and humiliation and convert him into a submissive puppy boy version of himself designed to serve her sexual needs. But it takes a great deal of torture to Matt’s genitals to get him to that point.

After seducing him into a nude upside-down bondage scenario on her inversion table which he is helpless to escape from, she begins to go to work on his gigantic ball bag which completely enshrouds his dick as it hang-dangles in mid air directly over his face. She uses his immobilization to her advantage and devises one unique ballbusting method after another in order to teach him proper grammar as well as proper male manners. And, perhaps most importantly, she teaches him to be her little bitch boy sex toy puppy.

Giselle’s cute, shapely, feminine and gymnastics-toned hands and feet are the main instruments of her ballbusting training session. She also uses her own private parts to tease and torture Matt. She won’t stop busting his balls until he makes a pact with her on treating girls with a great deal more respect than he currently does, and she makes that pact as painful and humiliating as possible for him.

Once he graduates from her little English 101 session, it’s time for him to move onto her French 101 tutoring (part 2), where she schools him on body, foot and pussy worship and other forms of sexual servitude. She uses a variety of sadomasochism techniques including ballbusting and cockteasing and ruined orgasms to instill her sissy slave training deep inside his male core. She trains him just like you might train a pet puppy to be a big boy doggy. But it’s a lot more degrading for a full-grown man to go through.

What he always considered to be the source of his masculine power ends up being revealed to him as the source of his weakness and the tools for his bitchification. An intense case of pussy envy forms deep inside him as he endures an unbearable amount of pain and humiliation in the center of his dangling manhood.

In Part 2, Giselle’s French 101 Lesson, a now submissive Matt is taken to higher levels of training designed to teach him how to give Giselle hours of endless pleasure and multiple heightened orgasms. New and improved ballbusting methods are still crucial to his continued training, however, and in a Pavlov’s Dog type of context, Giselle also uses many other sadomasochistic tools to train her new puppy dog including edging games, punishment vs. reward, tease and denial, and foot training. Giselle’s perfect feet are as beautiful as they are weaponized. She is an expert in wielding them for pleasure or for pain, depending on her goals.

Themes include extreme ballbusting, extreme psychological humiliation, bondage, foot fetish, cbt, handjobs, footjobs, facesitting, body worship, pussy worship training, smothering, erotic discipline, feminization, emasculation, edging, milking, role reversal, degradation, slave training and zoomorphism.

This action-packed sadomasochistic training saga was written by femdom goddesses, Kristen McCale and Katelyn Price. Search these authors and our other contributing authors on Amazon Kindle to find more works from Erotic Habit Publishing. Some of our other contributing authors you can search include Ashley Adams, Rosie Hilton, Daniella Dariana, McKayla Miller, and Vangod. Listen to their erotic audio stories on Copyright

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