Entertain Me With Your Tiny Dick

By Gwen German

Gwen can’t stop giggling at your tiny dick. She had no idea it was going to be anywhere near that small when she invited you over to fuck her.

She had no idea a dick could even be as small as yours. And she’s already naked and playing with herself so she can’t exactly go back out right now and find a guy with a real dick. So, she decides to use your tiny dick for entertainment as she finger fucks herself off. She makes you entertain her with your little dick as punishment for wasting her time. She’s definitely not letting you try to fuck her with that little “dicklet”, she can barely even see it and she can NOT stop giggling at it. She bursts into giggles over a dozen times, each time she takes note of your baby dick. And when she sees how tiny your balls are, she really loses control of her giggles.

Enjoy Gwen sexy voice and hot giggling in your ear as she makes fun of your tiny dick and nuts all night long while playing with herself.

  • "Entertain Me With Your Tiny Di" by Gwen German. Released: 2016.