Cry For Me My Lil Bitch Boy

By Rosie Hilton

Up in the balls, then in the cock. Up in the balls, then in the cock. Then smack POP to the nuts, then smack POP to the cock and the nuts. That’s 19-year-old ballbusting diva Rosie Hilton’s mantra tonight. Then it’s off with your pants and underwear and back up in the balls. The bare balls this time. Then a hard smack to the stiff naked cock, then a harder smack to the naked balls.

Then a really, really, REALLY swift hard kick to the nuts. Rosie holds your head so tight against her chest, you gasp for air between her gorgeous tits as she just keeps kneeing you up so hard in your sore balls and hard cock.


  • "Cry My Lil Bitch Boy" by Rosie Hilton. Released: 2016.