Ashley's Brutal Facesitting Ball Crushing JOI Game

By Ashley Adams

You’re going to imagine my pussy pinning you down on your bed and sticking to your lips as I fill your mouth with my juicy explosion.

As I ride and bounce my pussy on your face, you will perform for me, as I instruct you to, or you will lose your cock and balls. Errr… I mean, MY cock and balls 🙂 As you’ll find out in my little jerk off game, you are no longer the owner of your cock and balls. I am. And you’re going to do everything I tell you to do with them. You’re gonna jerk that cock of mine exactly how I tell you to jerk it. You’re going to bust those balls of mine exactly how I tell you to bust them. You’re gonna squeeze my cock when I say.. pull on it when I say.. and stroke it.. when I fuckin say. Do you understand me? Good.

At some point during this session, you will be ordered to turn your hand into a flipper and smack it up at those balls as you slam your down your cock to meet them with a painful downstroke. Over and over, you’ll slide your down your cock and crash it into your balls as you slap those balls up at your . And it will fucking hurt so damn much too. But you’re gonna fucking love it. You’re gonna love jerking off with me on your face… in your ear… busting your balls… telling you when to fucking stroke and cum… as I sit my wet snatch on your face and eventually cum in your mouth. Be prepared for one long sweaty session before you blow that huge load over my shoulder and right into your mouth to mix with my juices. And you will not cum until I cum.

  • "A CBT Jerkoff Session" by Ashley Adams. Released: 2016.